Financial Planning for College Students

car loans for college students

A lot of full-time students are working jobs that are under 40 hours a week and find that putting some savings aside every single month can be daunting. Let alone, attending school while on the back of their minds thinking about how much debt they will graduate with and how long they would have to work to pay it all off. One necessity for school life is having reliable transportation, especially if working as well. However, being a student limits the ability to buy a car that might make life more convenient. Sure, the parking on campus is bad and you have to pay for it, but there are car loans for college students. Why wait until after graduation to treat yourself? As graduation approaches, more job interviews will come and most applications even ask if you do have reliable transportation to and from work. A student car loan can give you the freedom to continue your studies and partying. Car loans for college students!

College Students’ Car Loans …

auto loans for college students saving moneyThe mistake that most students make when applying for credit is, taking on loans that are well outside their means. Make a monthly budget and determine what kind of car you can get. Generally, car loans are easy to pay off if a budget is made and the contract is understood. When you don’t have a specific financial plan and you get a loan that is greater than your capacity, paying it back becomes a struggle. Regardless of whether you have money saved in the bank or you have a good credit score, you have to stick with your budget when applying for a car loan. Student car loans avail at Car Loans of America!

Auto Loan for College Students Calculator:

If you want to know much how you’ll be able to afford for your month to month repayment on a vehicle loan and the overall expense of the loan, use auto finance calculators. With this tool you can alter all the factors of your loan to see what you can afford:

  • Vehicle price
  • Down payment
  • Loan term
  • Interest rate

When it is time to decide for your car, take a look at sites that featured vehicle value on sites like and Edmunds. This list of autos is specially compiled by professionals to help people understand car value and make better choices for their car loans. What’s more, the cars featured on both of these sites are top-notch cars, and they more often than not include reliable, good-value second-hand cars.

Student Car Loans and Your Credit Score …

You can still get car loans without a credit score or for having a bad credit history. This is because; your credit score has direct implications on your car loans. Having a good credit score can be advantageous. This is true to the point when your lender is trying to come to a decision regarding your car loans for college students’ applications. It’s almost expected that auto financing companies will favor car loans for college students applications with good credit scores over applicants with bad credit history.

Car Loans for College Students Help Improve Your Credit Score!

Trying to maintain a good credit score? You have to be in debt to build your credit score. Make sure to make regular and timely payments to your credit card company, at least at the minimum required. The priority should be to pay off the credit card(s) with the highest APR first. Secondly, you have to maintain your spending by only going up to about half of your available credit limit. If you find that you are close to your limit, make a one-time substantial payment. One common impulse is that big-box retailers offer enticing store credit cards that you can open right at the register, usually to also get a discount on your transaction. Avoid applying for credit when it isn’t necessary.

Student Car Loans – Auto Loan Cosigner:

car loans for college studentsOne advantage of car loans for college students that stand out is its flexibility. This flexibility is in the instances where student car loan applicants don’t want to bear the weight of their car loan repayment. With this versatility, car loan applicants can share their responsibility for making monthly payments to lenders. Including other individuals that have better FICO scores than they help! These individuals are, in general, referred to as co-applicants. Some car loan applicants with low credit score/no credit score whatsoever can boost their credibility by cosigning with someone. This individual usually has a better credit rating than the applicant.

The co-applicant share both the expense and rights to the car. In cases where applicants cosign another individual to give an assurance that the loan will be paid for in full. If the applicant fails to make payments – the cosigned individual has no authority in the car. Both options make granting your student car loan all the more compelling for the lenders financing your car purchase. It will take the weight of repaying what you owe off of your shoulders.

Car Loans for College Students with Car Loans of America! (Conclusion)

Choose one of the best auto finance companies like Car loans of America for the financing of your car. This is because they offer nothing but car loans for college studentsthe best rates for student car loans. This becomes a must when you’re not sure of what you’ll be getting from financing companies. This is the best time to request the modification of the terms and conditions surrounding your student car loan. Make sure that your negotiation covers the terms. Include interest rates and how long it’ll take you to pay off the loan plus interest. Also, you have to know the implications of missing a loan repayment as well as prepayment consequences. Be aware of any hidden/extra charges with your student car loan.

How to Afford a Car in College

If buying a new vehicle, making a down payment for your vehicle means you have to borrow less money from a lender. Furthermore, it’ll drastically reduce how much you’ll have to pay month to month for your repayment. It reduces the amount of interest you will have to pay on your monthly payments as well. Obtaining auto loans for college students is much easier with a down payment. After a car loan for college students’ approval, you have to ensure that you can make timely and regular payments. This is to help improve your FICO/credit score for future purchases and prevent defaulting on the loan and having your car repossessed.

Car Loan for College Students with No Credit?

Thinking of getting auto loans for college students? Contact us today! We at Car Loans of America offer car loans for college students with affordable interest rates. Our student car loans include the best repayment terms that you can ever find around! We even help with first vehicle purchases. There’re no prepayment consequences. You’ll want to ensure that your search for a new car loan is truly successful by limiting your credit efforts solely to auto loans right now. Attempting to apply for alternative types of credit while filing your car loan applications will make you appear desperate for cash. This can and will cause creditors to turn you down for an auto loan and refinancing options. Fill out the online form or call us at 844-242-3543. There is no obligation after applying to see how much money you qualify for. Learn more at

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