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Looking to buy a new or used car but are being held back by your bad credit?  We can get you the best car loan in Lexington, all you have to do is to fill out our easy online application.

Look no further. Let us help you with the car financing that you need. We are the best car financing company and our fast approvals will ensure that you get your dream car.

We work with all types of credit including bad. Contact us today to get started.

Bad Credit Car Loans in Lexington

While there may be a few loan companies in Lexington willing to offer you loans. It is very difficult to find an auto loan company ready to give out loans regardless of what your credit record is like. All this has been made easy for you by Car Loans Of America, bad credit car loans.

We are a unique bad credit auto loan company who carry out their activities in such a different way which is highly beneficial to the people of Lexington.

Especially those who worry that they have a bad credit score or have no credit score at all. Most importantly, is that bad credit car loans in Lexington are being made available at affordable rates.


Lexington being a city with a good view and nice places to visit requires that you just have to move from one place to another. If you truly want to experience the overwhelming beauty of Lexington.

How will this be possible without a car? So, to make the best of your stay in Lexington, it’s almost mandatory you have a car.

This can be made possible with CLOA loans, and not only just made possible. But made possible most effectively and speedily regardless of what your credit score looks like. All it requires of you is to simply apply for it.

Your Choice

Unlike other auto loan companies, no specification is being placed on the type of car you wish to purchase. This solely depends on your choice. While some clients are interested in buying brand new cars, others are interested in fairly used ones.

Also, some other people just want to get their first car, while a few others are looking to replace the car they have been using for a long while now. Regardless of the category, you fall into here, the CLOA bad credit car loans in Lexington can help you in getting loans that can finance that desired car of yours without being afraid as to how bad your credit score is, or whether you do not have it all.

At this point, the question is how do I apply for a CLOA car loan? Applying for a CLOA loan is not a very difficult process. All that is required is for you to visit our official website and you will be requested to fill out an application form online. When all necessary details are being completed, you then have to apply.

Through an effective approval system that has been well designed, you are sure to have your application approved in the fastest time frame possible, and then your car is just minutes away from you getting into it. No office visitation is required, as all of it can be accessed via your PC or mobile phones online.

What You Should Know About CLOA Bad Credit Car Loans

The credit bureau over time takes note of individual credit scores. So what this means is that if for any reason in time past you have defaulted in paying up your debts. It is recorded against you and accumulation of it is what results in a bad credit score.

To arrive at this, credit bureaus work hand in hand with several financial institutions and lending platforms to keep track of individual lending and payment activities.

Your ability to either pay up your debts or otherwise is what makes you either have a good credit score or a bad credit score.

However, some people have not had a reason to take loans from any of these financial institutions or lending platforms. As such do not have any credit score at all.

A lot of times, many people with bad credit scores feel discouraged when the thought of getting a car of their own comes to mind. They feel like due to their bad credit score, they might not be able to have access to loans that will help in financing their dream cars.

Farm bought by Car Loans Lexington, KentuckyIt is in this light that CLOA loans look to give such people in this category hope by developing a system that assists in providing loans to these classes of people who have a bad credit score, or who do not have a credit score at all.

CLOA also makes sure that clients who are provided with these bad credit car loans. They are not just left to wonder after this loan is being provided for them.

But they also go further to ensure that they provide to clients dealers who operate in Lexington and other cities around to help provide these clients with the car of their choice.

A survey of Lexington shows that there are quite a lot o people with a bad credit score or no credit score at all. By providing these people with loans that fit their status. We are happy knowing well that we are working correctly in line with our aim of ensuring that we put customer satisfaction as our primary priority.

While others will reject and criticize you for your bad credit score. We will accept you and provide loan schemes for you at very affordable rates.

How Does CLOA Loans In Lexington Works?

Considering how we operate. It becomes straightforward particularly for those who are very inquisitive to begin wondering how we can provide bad credit loans. Without taking into consideration what your credit score is like. It is very good to be inquisitive about this because it is very unusual for the operation of other credit car loan companies around.

Before any other loan company gives out loans. They are concerned about the credit score of clients to affirm the possibility or otherwise of providing such loans to individuals.

This is not the case with us at CLOA loans because like I said earlier. We are a unique loan company and we are unlike any other loan company you can find in Lexington.

What we do at CLOA loans, is that we take into consideration other factors when considering whether or not we should give a bad credit loan to a client, what our interest rate will be like. And how long the loan is going span. The factors we take into consideration before giving out a loan here at Lexington include among others;

Factors For Loans

  • Whether or not the client applying for a bad credit loan is employed.
  • A valid proof of income to ascertain the possibility or otherwise of being able to pay back.
  • The interest rate clients are willing to pay on loans requested.

It is however very important to note at this point that one major factor that marks us out for excellence among other loan companies here in Lexington is the interest rate we charge on loans. They are fair and very much affordable, as much as our terms of the agreement are also.

We do everything possible to ensure that you can get money to pay for a car whether new or old depending on your desires.

As to the authenticity or otherwise of our bad credit loans. Asides from being the best bad credit car loan company here in Lexington. We have been able to gain an impressive reputation for excellence and efficiency from various quarters and states.

Which are evident in the numerous reviews and ratings. We get from clients who have had to work with us on our website daily. Even at that, we do not get carried away. Instead, we still put in more effort on a timely basis to ensure we serve our clients best and help them get finances for their desired car.

How to Get a Car in Lexington with a Bad or No Credit Score

If you have been wondering whether or not it is possible to get a car in Lexington considering how bad your credit score is, then I have good news for you.

With CLOA bad credit car loans, your worries are over. Whether you have bad credit or no credit score at all. You now have the opportunity to get a loan from a tested and trusted company that not only provides you with bad credit loans but also provides you with dealers in Lexington who are ready to sell cars to you.How Car Loans Lexington, Kentucky work?

No office visitation is required, no extra charges, no delay in processing, approval, and disbursement. Provided you have nurtured the desire of having a car.

You have access to the internet either through a PC or your mobile phones, then you are good to go. Though it is essential you first find out what type of car you want regarding model type; new or old; how well it can serve your purpose and other factors based on individual taste.

When this is done, an analysis is being made as to the price estimate of the car. This can be done alongside a prior analysis by contacting any car dealer here in Lexington to feed you on the details. In the absence of a dealer to provide with all of the necessary details you require.

There is no need to panic. As a company, our reach spans beyond just providing loans. We also go further to provide our clients with trusted dealers who can help them out with all of the technicalities.

What Benefits Do You Get From Bad Credit Loans In Lexington?

Our uniqueness as a bad credit car loan company comes with several benefits to our clients. These benefits include;

  • As a loan company, we do not place any stringent requirements on our loan application process. Regardless of your credit score status, our arms are wide open always to receive and approve your application.
  • The speed that comes with the analysis and approval of your loan application. As well as how fast we disburse funds to you is the fastest recorded by any car loan company here in Lexington.
  • Also, we have designed our loan terms to be flexible enough that they are negotiable. Your utmost satisfaction as our clients is our primary priority.
  • Our website can be accessible to you anytime and anywhere making your loan application process much more comfortable and convenient.

CLOA’s bad credit car loan in Lexington is the best loan company. It provides you with finances that help you get any car you have long been imagining you had.

Getting Bad Credit Loans Lexington, Kentucky

There are lots of options and loan companies in Lexington when you need to get an auto loan, but the real problem lies in how to veto these companies to decide which one will work in your best interest and also provide you with the best deals. Having bad credit should not put you in tight corners that will not allow you to get a reasonably fair deal; with your bad credit, you can still get favorable deals with Car Loans of America. With us, you are guaranteed nothing but a good deal even with your bad credit.

We offer opportunities for everyone to qualify for auto financing through the help of our dealers that we partner with. You can apply for our auto loan online from the comfort of your office or home and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Bad Credit Car Loans

Bad credit car loans are similar to other regular car loans. Bad credit car loans are loans from lenders that specialize in helping people with bad credit secure auto financing. However, because people with poor credit are high-risk borrowers, the lender charge high-interest rates compared to what they charge car buyers with an above-average credit score. As a result of this, it is important as an individual with bad credit who wishes to get an auto loan, you have to have a good plan on ground to get the best deal that is available and not you should not go for a car that is too expensive or above your means. This will help you to stay on track financially and you will be able to pay your car loan without any financial difficulty.

What is the Best Way to Buy a Car with Bad Credit?

bad credit car loans lexingtonIf you reside in Lexington, KY and you are in search of a bad credit car loan, you have to understand the fact that buying a car with good credit is different from buying a car with bad credit. Having bad credit might make it difficult for you to get auto finance directly from a lender, as you will be assessed based on your credit score and your bad credit might not paint you in a good light.

This is where Car Loans of America comes in for you when you need to get auto finance in Lexington. We have a very cordial relationship with lenders and dealers that we work with to ensure that our customers get approved for loans and we make sure they get a fair deal as well.

Apply for your Bad Credit Loan Online

We understand that you might be busy with your daily activities and may not have time to apply physically. As a result of this, we implore our customers in Lexington, KY to apply online from the comfort of your home or office. Our customer who lives in Lexington, KY can apply online by providing the following documents when they apply;

We are just a step away from you. All you need to do is fill an application online from anywhere in Lexington. As fast as possible you will have your loan approved and provided, and you can get the car.