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Bad Credit Car loans

We are here to help you to get the best bad credit car loan in Shreveport  Louisiana, we have a large referral network of auto finance companies in Louisiana, and we will get you the same day approval that you need.

At Car Loans of America, we understand the fact getting auto financing in Shreveport can be a hassle and as a result of this, we have provided means of simplifying the whole car loan Shreveport application process for our Shreveport customers.

We have a great working relationship with Louisiana bad credit auto lenders and dealers in Shreveport and with this partnership, we have been serving our customers with the best deals over the years.

How Do the Auto Loans Work in Shreveport?

Here are the steps on how the process works for our online car loans applications;

  • Apply online in Shreveport.
  • Log in to your mail to check for your approval status; this takes minutes after we have received your application.
  • Talk to the lender about what the terms are and also get to know what the interest rate is.
  • Submit all required document
  • Go shopping for your preferred car.

Bad Credit Vehicle Loans in Shreveport

People with bad credit are those with a FICO rating below 620. People in this category can still get approved for an auto loan Shreveport at Car Loans of America through our expertise and experience of working with bad credit loans in Shreveport.

However, you should be able to have at least a monthly income of $1,500. With this, lenders will be able to work out some favorable deals for you.

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No Down Payment Auto Loans in Shreveport

We work with lenders and dealers who don’t require a down payment from customers but having a down payment has its advantages.

All of our Louisiana finance companies are licensed with the Department of Consumer Finance.

Making a down payment will help to reduce the length or duration of your loan, reduces your monthly payment amount, helps you to get a lower interest rate, and reduces the risk of an underwater loan.

However, without a down payment, you can still secure an auto loan Shreveport with us. Obtain more information about our car loans in Shreveport from our bad credit car loans page.

Buy Here Pay Here Shreveport

Going for a buy here pay Shreveport or in-house financing car lot will not help you improve your credit rating. If you wish to improve your credit rating, you must allow an auto finance company like Car Loans of America to help you with the needed deals that will help to portray you as being creditworthy within the shortest possible time.

Benefits of Working with Car Loans of America

  • We place our applicants instantly.
  • We have many lenders in our network from which our customers can choose.
  • Having bad credit or no credit history doesn’t matter.
  • You can apply online from the comfort of your home or office.
  • There are no prepayment penalties when you pay off your auto loan before the time stipulated.

When you decide to make Car Loans of America your preferred auto loan Shreveport provider, you are signing up for peace of mind, and you are guaranteed of getting the best deal that you can ever find in the Shreveport area. Visit our locations page to find the location nearest to your area now.

We know what it takes to serve our customers right with the best deals through the help of tested and trusted dealers that we partner with.

Get in touch with us today and let us help you realize your dream of owning a car of your choice. You can also find us in Fremont California and Newport Beach California.

Shreveport Louisiana

Shreveport is a city in the state of Louisiana. It is the most populous one in the Shreveport–Bossier City metropolitan area, and ranks third in population in Louisiana after Baton Rouge and New Orleans; with the Lafayette consolidated population, it ranks fourth in population.

Its bulk is in Caddo Parish, of which it is the parish seat. It extends along the west bank of the Red River into neighboring Bossier Parish. Its population is about 200,000 people living there. Look here for some more information on Shreveport Louisiana.